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Die Bedeutung der Namen Eritrea und Ethiopia

One of the oldest and still existing Tradition is to count the family tree of your father, grandfathers and grand grandfathers. The Ras (tigrinya name for Prince) or the Keychi family of Mereb Milash(or also known as bahr negus) mostly know their root until Meroni the father and founder of Tigrinya ethnic group in the highland of Eritrea. Only some of the traditional farmer know their root name till Meroni, most of them know from 6 till 10 the names of their fathers like in the following example (they know the name of their origin 500 to 800 years back).

For example:


Bahta ( father from Seweldi )

Ghebrehariat ( father from Bahta )

Segergesch ( father from Ghebrehariat )

Habtegergesch ( father from Segergesch )

Haderainkiel ( father from Habtegergesch )

Ogbamichael ( father from Haderainkiel )

This is also used in theTigrinya ethnic group of  Mereb Milash(Eritrea) to identify their origin and family structure of the persons.

The nicest tradition is the coffee celebration, which will be done by the Tigrinya women. In this ceremony they talk about future, problems, marriages, people and many other things.

The clothes which used to be wearing till now in the Tigrinya bahli looks like in the following picture. In the night it keeps you warm and on sunny days it protects you from the hot sun.

Tigrinya tradition from Eritrea and Ethiopia(coffee ceremony)

Debre Bizen Monastery of the monks(in the highlands of Eritrea)

Debre Bizen is the centre of the tewahedo (orthodox) religion, it is usuallly that every man pilger to monastery of the monks. Women are not allowed to visit the monastery monks, because of the monks and the second reason is that all women who tried to go there died on the way. 

Debre Bizen Monastery in the highland of Eritrea near by the town Adi Nefasit

The journey  to the Debre Bizen is hard, because you need to walk 1 1/2 to 3 hours from Adi Nefasit(the nearest town from Asmara).


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